Not everyone owns a Rolex or Omega dive watch, most watch enthusiasts actually don’t, and so when we started to look for fitted rubber straps for some of our affordable divers, the results were shocking as they’re almost non-existent.

There are actually quite a lot of iconic divers in the affordable section of the watch market and we were just as interested to renew and upgrade the look of our watch with a custom strap as those who own a $9k Rolex Submariner.

Belhamel arose from our need to solve this problem and so the vision is grand and the mission is precise. To produce detailed, well designed, and finely engineered fitted "no-gap" straps that will make your beloved and iconic diver look like a million bucks.

As the Seiko SKX009 was the first dive watch bought by our company's founder, we thought it was fitting to start there. Our “genesis” strap, the SKXRS1, and the watch it was made for is now fully integrated into the DNA of what we're doing.

We aim to produce and sell straps with a high value proposition and a great product experience. We hope we can count you as one of our satisfied customers.

May you wear your watch in great health!

“It’s not about how great your watch is, it’s about how great you wear it.”